Quick Update: No Linking!

 Okay, I am usually late in things and sometimes ignore them for the sake of moving on and all of that, but I think it has to be said, just as a CYA, No Facebook or Twitter linking!!


Facebook and twitter give me the creeps. They're taking over! *shivers*


Happy Halloween, Thank Yous and NaNo

Tomorrow night is All Hollows Eve (Oooo!) I love Halloween and to my fellow Americans, have a safe and happy holiday!

To my foreign friends, yes Halloween is weird. Trick or Treating is creepy. Costumes are juvenile. We know all this and honestly I think most of us embrace it for these reasons. There are plenty of people who do Halloween wrong! And they are the ones who make it a Horror Fest and get on the news for creeping their community out. There are also a lot of people who use the holiday as a mask to do bad things. It isn't really a holiday either.

It's all meh! Caution and fun, as with all things! And I'm sure there are plenty of celebrations worldwide that I wouldn't understand, and isn't that great :)!


Thank You to All of You who have been messaging me and commenting on my stories either here on my (zombie like) LJ or over on I love you guys too!

And a super special thanks to those of you who have been keeping up with my site (Ann's Writings). I keep trying to keep updating and stayig relevant an you guys keep coming back an reading. I wish I could hug you and tell you each how much that all means to me :)

For anyone who wants to keep on the updates, there's an email form to join a mailing list I have set up. I won't spam you, I swear on Sammy's Hair!


NaNoWriMo is days away. You Guys! This will be my eighth year and I am kind of crazy excited. It might be the platters of pumpkin cookies I've ingested this week, or it might be just that I am always this crazy excite to wtrie a new story!

If anyone else is joining into the madness that is Nano, look me up and we can do wordsprints and stuff. Best of luck!!!!


More Stories Up on my Website

Finally getting a chance to update my website! I've gotten quite a lot of emails lately (Yah!) and I'm so glad to know you guys are reading there that I wanted to make sure that I wrote a note here to let you know!

I have a few stories up, part four of The Sum of Us, four part story for the Elemental (book) series, and a bit of information for a new Original Characters series I'm writing.

Hope you guys enjoy it all!!

Ann's Writings



I want to thank you guys for your replies. Makes my heart flutter in so many ways that you guys even care to have another tale come out from little ol' me.

And always_angel, thank you for your condolences.

I WOULD have replied to you guys, but apparently I can't do that anymore! Such a facepalm moment if I have ever hand one! I mean, I know I haven't been on LJ for a LONG while, but the fact that my computer isn't letting me reply is just sad. Like, hello computer, you have one job! (well, many jobs really, but I digress)

Now, if only technology would co-op with me here, I will have a new story up very soon! (I hope.)

The wait continues...

Love you guys!!

SPNL/HP: Belenus (1/1)

TITLE: Belenus(1/1)

FANDOM: Supernatural, vague Potterverse

SUMMARY: After Athena. (Wayyyy back in 2010.)
WARNING: Here I kind of went crazy, again.
CHARACTERS: A young Winchester, a friend in the making, and an old wizard that's partially death.

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Supernatural. I am not Kripke. I do not own Hogwarts or the Potterverse magic system. I am not JK Rowling.
NOTES:  I totally own this idea. It's freaking awesome. Big Awe, little some. :) <- This totally still applies ;)

Still totally unbeta'd.

I started this in 2011, finished it today. I just really felt like posting a story before my Grandmother's funeral tonight. I need my mind on other things. Writing has usually helped :)

Just a little after 5 years, here's some more Spnl/HP crossover. :) Enjoy. Love you guys!!

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Clearing Out Some Cobwebs

It's been an interesting year(s) since I've last posted. And by interesting I mean cold, sad, and lonely! I've missed posting and I've missed writing and I've missed you guys!!

I've been trying to post since Valentines Day, and for some reason, tech problems galore! It's like LJ is punishing me because I haven't posted in eons!!

So I am trying to post. There's a few stories, especially over on my Time'Verse comm. a couple of endings I thought I put up a long, long time ago. And of course, I didn't. (head shake of shame) If I did everything I thought I did, well I certainly would've led a much happier childhood!

I hope to be posting very soon :)

Happy March 2015!!


July Fic 4: Whatcha Gonna Do (Crossover)

Title: Whatcha Gonna Do
Fandom: Crossover!! Angel the Series/The Vampire Diaries
Prompt: spankedbyspike - who wanted Angel the Series or Vampire Diaries or White Collar. I got two out of three, hope you like!
Summary: The City of Angels has itself quite the little demons in its midst.
Words: 4,914
Characters: Main characters of Connor Angel and Kol Mikaelson
Disclaimer: The following includes characters that are not originally mine. Alas, this does me great sorrow, but I will take no claim to them.

Bad boys, bad boys
Whatha gonna do
Watchga gonna do when
They come For You
-Inner Circle

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July Fic 3: Can You Hear Me Now? (TS)

Yes I am still calling it July fics. I don't care that its August! My computer had issues :( okay!!  ;)

Title: Can You Hear Me Now? (TS)
Fandom: The Sentinel
Prompt: From Pam – anything The Sentinel
Summary: It’s been a blissfully slow week, so natural Blair thinks he needs to shake things up; keep his Sentinel on his toes. Jim isn’t so keen to agree.
Words: 2,888
Characters: James “Jim” Ellison, Blair Sandburg
Disclaimer: The following includes characters that are not originally mine. Alas, this does me great sorrow, but I will take no claim to them.
From the Verizon Commercials. As a man walks around, testing every so many steps his cell’s coverage, he asks – “Can you hear me now?”

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