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John, Dean and Sam Winchester Rock!!

16 July
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About Me
Ann here :) Student. Aunt to a niece. Soon to a nephew.

Still pretty new to the entire blog world, since I suck at remembering to update it. I love the WB/CW TV show Supernatural. Before that I loved Angel, but that's now over :'( and Charmed, which is also over :"(. I've recently started reading up on the comicverse of Batman and Superman; and WOW. I liked Jason Todd, wished that the fans hadn't voted him dead. I love cooking and writing - not at the same time though-lol, very distracting! I love music!! Led Zeppelin, The Fray, AC/DC, October Falls, Rascal Flatts, Black Sabbath, Jack's Mannequin, RBD, Camila, and so many more!!! Yeah, I have no MP3 player, because it died. Yes, I mourned.

About Journal
I write okay fics. Mostly, I write Supernatural fics, but I also drabble in Angel, and Prison Break a few times. Hoping to get to write my Batman stories soon. Some of my fics have discipline. All of my stories have warnings, so please heed them.

Future Me
I planned to be a lawyer. I was going along my merry, lawyerly path, but I have stopped that now. I'm thinking either business or nutrition. Hmm. I wish people gave money for just plain writing! But wait!....


• Oh, do friend me! I sometimes post somethings, such as certain stories that I fear may suck but I know I have a flist that is awesome so they won’t mind much (I hope!), as friends only. I also post random things every now and then, just to let the flist know I’m alive!
• DO leave the stories on my lj. Post links leading back to here if you like, I won’t mind that. But it’s creepy finding my stories elsewhere without knowing it.

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